The Best Hashtags to Use on Instagram for More Likes

Hashtags are a great way to get more eyes on your Instagram posts. But which hashtags should you use?

There are a few aspects to have in mind when choosing hashtags for Instagram. First, think about your audience and what they might be searching for. If you’re a travel photographer, for example, using hashtags like #travelphotography or #wanderlust will help you reach people who are interested in that topic.

Another thing to consider is how popular the hashtag is. You want to use hashtags that have enough people using them so that your post has a chance of being seen, but not so popular that it gets lost in the shuffle. A good rule of thumb is to use hashtags with at least 100,000 posts tagged with them. But depending on your niche, even smaller tags can be effective.

Finally, don’t forget to mix up your hashtag usage! Using the same group of tags all the time (even if they’re relevant) can make your account look spammy. So be sure to switch things up and use different combinations of tags regularly.

With all that in mind, here are some great hashtags to use on Instagram:
#photography – Over 300 million posts .


There is no one definitive answer to this question – it depends on what kind of content you are posting and who your target audience is. However, some popular hashtags for Instagram include #love, #instagood, #me, #cute, and #photooftheday.


There is no single or universally agreed upon definition of fashion. Perhaps the most general definition would be that fashion is simply “the way we dress.” This includes all of the choices we make about what to wear, from the clothes we choose to the accessories we select. It also encompasses our hairstyles, body piercings and tattoos, and even our choice of shoes. In short, fashion is about self-expression and individuality.

While there are many different styles of dress across cultures and throughout history, some trends do manage to transcend time and place. One such trend is the use of hashtags on social media platforms like Instagram. Hashtags allow users to easily search for and find images that are related to specific topics or themes. For example, the hashtag #fashion allows users to find all sorts of images related to fashion – from street style snaps to high-end runway looks.

So what are the best hashtags for Instagram when it comes to fashion? Here are just a few examples:

#ootd (outfit of the day) – This hashtag is perfect for sharing your daily outfit choices with your followers. Simply snap a photo of what you’re wearing today and add the hashtag #ootd for all to see! #style – Use this hashtag when posting images that show off your personal style. Whether you’re rocking a new outfit or just showing off your everyday look, this hashtag is perfect for giving others a glimpse into your unique sense of style.


Photo of the day is a great way to share your daily photos with friends and family. But what are the best hashtags to use? Here are some of the most popular:

#photooftheday: This is one of the most popular hashtags on Instagram, and for good reason. It’s a great way to share your daily photos with others.

#picoftheday: Another popular hashtag, this one is perfect for sharing your best photos with others.

#instagood: This hashtag is perfect for sharing your photos with others who appreciate good photography.

#igers: This hashtag is perfect for finding other Instagram users who love taking pictures.


While all of these things can certainly make a difference, we believe that the real secret to taking beautiful photos is understanding and using hashtags effectively.

Yes, those little words or phrases that come after the “#” sign can have a big impact on your success on Instagram. Hashtags help users find photos and videos that are relevant to their interests, and they also give your content more exposure by making it discoverable to people who might not be following you yet.

If you’re looking to take your Instagram game up a notch, then using hashtags is a great place to start. And in this article, we’re going to show you how to use them like a pro with our list of the best hashtags for Instagram.


#1: #photography

This is obviously the most popular hashtag for photography, and it can be used on any photo that you want to share. It’s a catch-all for all things related to photography, so if you’re not sure which other hashtags to use, this is always a good choice.

#2: #photooftheday

This hashtag is used when somebody wants to share their best photo from that day. It’s a great way to see what other photographers have been up to and get some inspiration for your own photography.

#3: #picoftheday


There’s no denying that hashtags are a powerful tool on Instagram. Not only do they help users to discover your content, but they also enable you to track the performance of your posts and see which topics are resonating with your audience.

With over 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram is a competitive place and it can be tricky to cut through the noise. That’s why using the right hashtags is essential if you want your content to be seen by as many people as possible.

So, what are the best hashtags for Instagram? Here’s a look at some of the most popular options:

#photooftheday: This hashtag is perfect for sharing your best photos and showing off your photography skills. It’s one of the most popular hashtags on Instagram with over 300 million posts.

#instagood: This hashtag is all about sharing content that makes you feel good. Whether it’s a beautiful landscape or a delicious meal, this hashtag is perfect for sharing anything that brings you joy. It has over 600 million posts.


Hashtags are a great way to connect with other users on Instagram who share similar interests. Regarding finding the best hashtags for Instagram, the options are endless. However, if you’re looking for hashtags that encompass a wide range of topics related to happiness, here is a list of some of the most popular ones:

#happy – This is obviously the most popular hashtag related to happiness. It has over 300 million posts associated with it!

#love – This hashtag comes in at a close second with over 200 million posts. Love is definitely one of the emotions that can make people happy.

#instagood – An all-encompassing hashtag that covers everything from positivity and good vibes, to simply enjoying life’s little moments. It has over 100 million posts tagged with it.

#smile – Another popular Happiness-related hashtag that encourages others to enjoy life and spread smiles wherever they go! It has just under 100 million posts associated with it. #fun – What’s happiness without a little bit of fun? This hashtag encompasses everything from enjoying time with friends and family, to engaging in activities that bring joy. Just under 90 million posts are tagged with #fun.


The best hashtags for Instagram are those that are popular and frequently used. Hashtags can be used to increase the reach of your posts, and to get more people interacting with your content.

Hashtags can be a great way to get more followers on Instagram. By using popular hashtags, you can make your content more visible to a wider audience. This can help you attract new followers, and get more people interested in what you have to say.

When choosing hashtags for Instagram, it is important to consider what is popular at the moment. You want to choose tags that will be relevant to your content, and that will generate interest from users. Hashtags that are too specific or obscure may not be as effective in getting people interested in your content.

In addition to considering what is popular, you also want to consider how often hashtags are used. If a hashtag is used frequently, it may be less likely that users will see your content if they do not follow that particular tag. Choose tags that are less competition so that your content has a better chance of being seen by potential followers.