How Do You Get 10K Followers on Instagram Without Buying Them?

You want to have an engaging audience on your profile?
You want Instagram exposure for your brand?
You want to learn how to grow on Instagram media without spending money?

With over hundreds of millions of people using Instagram each day, it’s not a surprise that you might want a slice of the action. But before you jump in and start purchasing followers or likes, it’s worth understanding why this can be one of the most expensive mistakes you might make.

This article will look at why buying followers or likes doesn’t work but also touch upon what you can do instead to properly build an Instagram presence from scratch.

1. Experiment to find your voice:

The first thing you need to do is find your voice and the content that you’re going to post. You should create a persona for yourself and try different things to see what works best. Once you’ve found your voice, plan out the types of content you will post on a regular basis, and how often. It’s very important that you stick to this schedule as much as possible.

2. Use hashtags correctly:

It’s very important to use at least a few relevant hashtags so your posts are more visible. It will give your posts more exposure and help search results show your posts more often. You also need to be careful with the type of hashtags you use, as it will affect the amount of engagement on your account, and how many followers you have. It’s a good idea to use a mixture of common hashtags, plus a few more specific ones.

Using the right hashtags will also help you attract more followers that are interested in what you’re selling. Hashtags are also a great way to promote contests or giveaways that are going on, or if there is a new product featured on your page. Using hashtags correctly can help attract more attention to your brand and grow your following even faster.

3. Quality over quantity:

The most important thing is that you only post quality content on a regular basis. There are many accounts that post hundreds of pictures and then not interact with their followers. Try to post at least once a day, and not more than twice per day. It’s important that you actually add useful content, in a way that’s more likely to be shared.

4. Share other people’s content:

Make sure to share and like other people’s content as well. It will be seen by your followers, and they will follow you because of it. If your account is new, you want to post other people’s content too. It will help you get to 10K followers on Instagram faster.

5. Don’t follow for follow:

I know this sounds like an obvious thing to say, but follow people that you genuinely have some common interest with. If you’re following random people solely for the sake of getting noticed, then you are wasting your time and you will also get bored.

6. Make your biography stand out:

Make sure your profile is as professional as possible. Your profile description is very important and should be written in a way that will make people want to follow you. You also want to make sure your profile image stands out from the rest and makes it easy to identify you from other social media platforms.

This is also the place where you convince people to visit your site or shop outside of Instagram. Make sure you’re having a link to your external site there and let people know what they will find or get on that site.

7. Repurpose content from other sources:

If you lack inspiration or don’t have enough time to take pictures yourself, then use posts from other sources, such as Twitter, Facebook or even Instagram, and repost them on your Instagram. You just have to make sure the content is relevant and interesting for your audience, and also credit the source if you didn’t added any modification to the original post.

8. Interact with other people by liking, commenting and direct messaging:

You should interact with other people’s content. This will help you grow your Instagram following, and also show that you are willing to pay attention to what your audience is doing.

You can also engage with other people by direct messaging them, and reply to their comments. Interacting with followers isn’t just about liking posts and commenting though; you can engage directly by asking for feedback, feedback on a picture, sharing pictures of something similar that might be useful for your followers or even just engaging in a conversation about something that’s relevant to them.

To sum it up:

You should try to relate with your audience, post quality content, and interact with other people’s content. Try to post up to 2 photos a day and know that it will take time for you to get a huge following on Instagram. It will be worth it in the end though!

How long ago did you start using Instagram? How many followers do you have now? Please let us know in the comments.