Current available niches (and growing): Fitness: workout, bodybuilding, weight-loss; Money, Wealth, Profit; Luxurious lifestyle; Business; Sales & Marketing; Entrepreneurship; Love, Dating Romance; Optimism & Positivity; Travel & Outdoor; Women fashion; Men fashion; Dogs; Cats; Quotes: life tips, work motivation, goals success, optimism and positivity, self-awareness, self-confidence; Words of wisdom. Supported social networks: Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Tumblr.

Installing & Running

This is a Windows based software, it works only with Windows 7 and above. If you’re using a Mac or Linux you can have it run on a virtualized machine or a VPS with Windows.
For standard functionality, you don’t have to add any data. The tool is using our updated lists of hashtags from the cloud, while your PC is connected to the Internet. However, there is a separate option to use your own local lists of hashtags, and this is where you have to populate three .txt lists with your desired hashtags, line under line.

Pricing & License

The tool costs only $47 for LIFETIME (including 1 year of new releases). You will get the tool along with usage instructions and license for one Windows-based PC.

Refund policy

If the software is unable to run in your Windows-based computer, and if we can’t make it run via screen sharing, we will fully refund your payment. There is also a full refund policy in the first 3 days since purchasing the tool. No other refunds will be made except the previously stated situations.


On the contrary, our tool is doing a great job in mixing very relevant hashtags for every niche, mixed with a few of the most popular and trending hashtags, which is in fact a very effective method that can only do good to your posts and profiles. As far as we know, there are no terms against posting these types of hashtags on social networks. While using your own local lists of hashtags, you should carefully add to those lists, because there might be harmful or flagged hashtags that may affect your account reach and status. Using your own lists with your chosen hashtags is your sole responsibility.

Updates & Support

We keep improving the tool’s features to stay up to date with the market needs. The hashtags lists are updated constantly, and supported niches are continuously increasing. You will be announced by email / tool’s messaging capability about the new releases and with instructions on how to upgrade. There are different update phases for each of the lists: We update the niche-relevant hashtags once per month, the most popular hashtags every two weeks, and the current trending hashtags weekly, but can be sooner if an event is happening and we find to be beneficial adding related hashtags about it.


After using the tool on your PC to generate sets of hashtags and captions, you have the following easy methods to make use of it:
  • If posting from your mobile phone or tablet, first copy the generated data from the tool’s results file, while on the PC, and add it to a To-Do app like Wunderlist or Evernote (there are both desktop and web app versions), or send it over to your email. Having the To-Do apps installed on your device / or access to your email, you can easily copy sets for your posts.
Example of having the hashtags and captions sent to a mobile device by email, then copying a set to be used on Instagram: copying hashtags and captions from email message
  • If posting from your Windows-based PC on a browser, you can simply copy the generated data from the tool’s results file, then paste it to your browser during posting.
This is a powerful option that you should always use when working with content matching one of the listed niches. These hashtags will be highly relevant with the content you’re posting, and will bring the best targeted audience you can get for your profiles. A correctly targeted audience will drive the highest engagement for your profiles and more sales for your business, at the best conversion rate.
Even if this type of hashtags are having the most traction and can bring high traffic, most of the time these may not be relevant with your content, thus it may attract a non-targeted audience which is not a ideal thing to do. We suggest not over-adding hashtags from this list. Keeping this list percentage selection anywhere between 10%-20% is the safest option.
Use this list to get your posts seen on the current trending hashtags. This list is updated almost daily, so using it soon after generating the hashtags lists is the best move you can do. Using hashtags from this list after more than a few days since generating them, may be too late and with decreased post exposure.
This list comes very handy when you want to further vary your hashtags, while in the same time cater to motivational type of hashtags. These hashtags are a great addition for types of content suggesting there is room for self-improvement of individuals, or content that want to induce self-improvement in various areas of life from work to relationships. Choose the list category that best suits your content and intention.